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Dashcam SD card with reader Tesla Model S/3/X/Y

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UGREEN dashcam card reader with Sandisk SD card 128 GB, formatted for Tesla Model S/3/X/Y dashcam from Autopilot AP 2.5

This card reader with SD card was specially preformatted by us for the Tesla Dashcam function. Insert the card reader with SD card into the USB port and off you go. No further installation necessary. After inserting the card reader, the dashcam symbol appears automatically after a few seconds, see image gallery.

Thanks to its optimal width, the narrow card reader offers enough space for the use of the adjacent USB port.

Specification SD card (version A&B):
Brand: Sandisk
Storage space: 128 GB
Performance: 100 MB/sec.
File system: FAT32

Specification card reader (version A):
Performance: USB 3.0, high speed transfer up to 5Gbps

Specification card reader (version B):
Performance: USB 3.0, high speed transfer up to 5Gbps
Additional connection: USB type C (see image section)

This card reader has a USB type C connection directly. This allows the video material recorded by the Tesla to be viewed directly with a smartphone with a type C connection (or with an adapter for Apple, not included). We recommend the "Cam Viewer" app for this. (see photo gallery)

Front camera
A new function allows video clips from the front camera to be recorded and permanently saved on a USB storage medium.


Insert the preconfigured USB storage device into one of the USB ports for the front row seats.
After a few seconds, a red icon will appear in the "Dashboard Camera" icon in the status bar Dot indicating saving.
Note that the USB stick must be inserted to save while driving.

Tap the icon to save a 10-minute video clip, or press and hold to pause recording. Recordings that are not downloaded from the camera within an hour will be lost. A video occupies about 30 MB per minute; 1-hour recording loop memory requires approximately 1.8 GB of free space). The camera is only available for Model S, 3, and Model X manufactured after August 2017 with at least Autopilot AP 2.5.

Sentinel Mode
The video Sentry mode recordings are saved to a USB stick in the same way as the dash cam feature. This must be connected to one of the two front USB ports. With dashcam or sentry mode, the recordings of the front camera and the two rear-facing side cameras are saved. One minute of image recording requires 30 MB of storage space per camera. Since the dashcam only saves 60 minutes while driving and then overwrites the oldest data, the space required for the dashcam function on the USB stick is as follows:

60 minutes * 30 MB * 3 cameras = ~5400 MB ( =5.4 GB) for one hour of continuous recording of the dashcam.

10 minutes * 30 MB * 3 cameras = ~900 MB (=0.9 GB) for a manual 10-minute recording by pressing the dashcam button.

Sentinel mode also stores 10 minutes of video footage from three cameras for each threat detected. That means 900 MB per incident. A USB stick that is too small can become full very quickly. In addition, the saved videos of sentry mode cannot be deleted in the vehicle. This currently only works by plugging the stick into a PC and deleting the files manually.

In order not to have to constantly delete the videos, we recommend using the following USB stick size:

64 GB for dashcam and 1-2x per week sentry mode usage.
128 GB for dashcam and frequent sentry mode usage.
256 GB for dashcam and daily sentry mode usage.

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